CME this weekend!

swoopGood news for us aurora watchers. The sun produced an M6 class solar flare resulting in an earth directed CME. This means that we will see auroras this weekend. NOAA spaceweather is predicting Friday night, Saturday, and Saturday night is when the show will happen. Another source will show you more detail in the solar event. is also a great scientific source for more details. Space Weather Trackers is also a great facebook page on top of the details

As it stands now, it appears that Saturday night will be the best time for Alaskans to see the aurora. There is a 60% chance of a severe storm. As with any auroral event, the forecast could be hours off. No exact time can be predicted. Just be ready between Friday night and Sunday night (darkness) in your part of the world (Europe, Canada, Alaska, and Antarctica). It is possible this could be a big event, and the entire state may see the aurora.

As summer approaches, we are seeing less and less darkness in Alaska. It is dark in the late hours when a lot of people are sleeping. If you want to see the aurora, you need to lookout for it between approx 10pm to approx 4am when it is the darkest.

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