June 28/29 aurora in Idaho

This summer has been great for auroras down in the contiguous USA and southern Canada. Every week, there has been a great show, weather permitting.

Idaho isn’t known for auroras, but maybe you should consider traveling away from city lights when the forecast is good. Look to your north, and look low to the horizon. A common time to see them is around midnight, but it could be sooner, or later than that. For serious aurora watchers, plan on being up much of the night.

You can see color with the naked eye. A camera with manual settings can capture what your eye sees. Expect another aurora show on the nights of July 17/18/19. Details as the time gets closer. If you live in the northern areas of the lower 48, you may be able to see the northern lights more often than you think!

Keith Currie’s photo from
Priest Lake, Northern Idaho. 49 Degrees N. Used tungsten white balance on camera. 2000 ISO, f1.8, 0.5 sec. exposure. 24mm Canon L 1.8 lens on 1DX. For more of his work see keithcurriephoto.com
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