Aurora Alerts coming soon! Sign up today!

get notified!Attention Aurora fans! The new season is about to begin. I have created a new alert system from a new carrier for this upcoming season to make the experience easier and more enjoyable. Please go to if you would like to sign up for this season, 2013-14. You are now able to change your settings as often as you like.

We are no longer offering free emails from the alert system. If you would like a free email, please sign up and subscribe to the website (located in the upper right corner). Thank You!

North Pole areaInstructions to purchase Wake-Up Alerts:

1. Click on your desired area on the website and click Buy Now. You will be taken to paypal to complete your purchase.
You are automatically taken to the Aurora Notify Portal. Create a log-in. Sign in. For the link, please email

2. Hover over your name in the right upper-hand corner. Fill out your contact information with up to 2 phone numbers (for example, your home phone and cell phone, or 2 cell phones). Fill out your email and address. Your information will only be used for alerting you the aurora is out, and nothing more.

3. Go to Subscriptions, Manage Subscriptions, and select the type of alerts you purchased through paypal. If you are not sure, select what you remember, and I will check it. You may change your selection if you travel, but only the equivalent of what you purchased. If you purchased Fairbanks Pro, then you may select whatever you want, when you want, all of the area selections if you desire. Save.

4. Now click on My Subscriptions and edit your preferences, such as phone call or text or email, or all of them! ***If you selected texts, then you will receive a text from 23177. Please opt-in. If you do not receive the text, please text SUBSCRIBE ABN to 23177. The text will indicate that you will receive approx 2 msg/mo. This is not the case with aurora alerts. You may receive many more texts than that, depending on how often the aurora shows itself!

5. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email

Thanks again, and hope to text or call you soon! Heads up!
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