CME incoming Oct 24/25. This means auroras!

We may see the northern lights tonight in Fairbanks if the clouds clear, but tomorrow night, expect a big show! Possible entire state of Alaska, much of Canada, and the northern states bordering Canada. Updates will be posted as we know more. As of now, it appears that the CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) will hit during our night in Alaska! Either way it happens, charge your cameras now and get some sleep.

Q: What time will we see the lights?
A: It can be any time it is dark, no one knows the exact time.

Q: Will we see the lights in Kodiak?
A: Maybe. How is your weather?

Q: Where can I drive too to see the lights?
A: Away from light pollution (streetlights, city lights, car headlights, etc). Look north if you cannot see it overhead. The best spots are where you can see toward the north and where there are no obstructions or lights, such as an open field or a lake. Many times in Alaska, you don’t have to drive anywhere. You can see the aurora right from your yard.

Q: Can you text me when the aurora is out, so I can get some sleep?
A: You can purchase aurora alerts from us here at or you can have a friend keep watch on this page or on and they can text you. I would love nothing more than to alert people for free via phone, but there are too many on my list, and I don’t have the resources to do this. Maybe oneday this can happen.

If you spot the aurora, simply comment here, post to Facebook, tweet, or email, and we will re-share your report. If you would like to share your photo to this website, you are welcome to do so. Please email