Aurora forecast for tonight is active

OK everyone, tonights forecast is active. Most of Alaska may see a show. A big show is not predicted, but we may see some good displays. We still have a few hours to go until darkness.

When will the lights come out? —-When its dark. It could be anytime between sunset and sunrise.

Everyone is posting the lights are out and I don’t see them, which way do I look? —-Look to the north and if they are not overhead, look low to the horizon. Get away from trees, buildings, and streetlights.

I still can’t see them. —–Do not look at your tv, computer, or phone then the night sky. Let your eyes adjust a minute or two in the dark, then look at the sky.

I love one of the photos you posted to the page. How can I buy one? —Contact the photographer

I see the aurora! How can I report it to you, so you can tell everyone? —Simply comment on the latest post on facebook, create your own post, or tweet @auroranotify with your location.

Please send me a text.— Due to changes in my life, I no longer text people, but you can sign up on twitter, and when we post, it will text your phone. Turn on mobile notifications and make sure you are able to receive texts 24 hours. Of course, if you do this, you will receive texts MANY nights per week ALL SEASON (WINTER) LONG. @auroranotify

Where are you? —-I am in North Pole, Alaska.

How often do you see the northern lights? —-Several times per week, weather permitting ALL SEASON LONG until the midnight sun takes over in late April.

Where do I go to see the lights? —-You don’t have to go anywhere unless you have severe light pollution where you live or are staying. But the best views are out of town where there is more darkness. At my house in North Pole, I can see the lights perfectly without leaving my bedroom!!! If you want to go for a drive, check out Nordale Rd, Hagelbarger pullout, Cleary Summit, Chena Lakes, Sheep Creek Rd, or Murphy Dome areas. Honestly, there are too many places to list. Just leave the city. Get to know the roads and ditches before the snow flies. Navigating on the ice in the dark is not easy. Now is the perfect time to venture out.