Last night was amazing! Tonight, great forecast again

Happy February 2nd! Last night the aurora was out in bursts all night long. The early show began as soon as the sun went down. Reds, pinks, and purples lined the big green displays. The show ended as the sun came up. The moon washed away details during the times it was faint. The entire state saw the lights. Reports came in from Juneau to the Kenai Peninsula, the MatSu, Fairbanks, and up north. Yukon also reported, Manitoba, and also Minnesota. North Dakota reported in, but cloudy. Awesome night!

Tonight’s forecast is “quiet to active” with a chance of major auroral activity. The entire state of Alaska may be in for another show. Hope you got your sleep! Tuesday night and Wednesday night are also looking great for lights, with the forecast being active.

Last night’s photo from Two Rivers:

two rivers feb 2 pvat