WOW great Bz, Europe seeing lights

Northern Europe is currently seeing auroras as of 125pm Alaska time. Kp 4, Bz -9.1 nT . Cloudy in many areas, unfortunately! Have a look outside if you are reading this from Norway, Finland, Iceland, northern Scotland, northern Ireland, Greenland, Sweden.

Last night, Alaska saw a great show between late evening and the middle of the night. The lights were being seen as the winner of the Yukon Quest crossed the finish line in downtown Fairbanks. Clouds did overtake some areas, but the pictures posted to facebook are amazing!

Lights were reported in many areas including: Fairbanks, North Pole, Two Rivers, Fox, Delta, Nenana, Healy, Glennallen, Copper Center, Anchorage, Portage, Wasilla, Eagle River, Chugiak, Alaska, and also Yukon, Alberta, and British Columbia. Northern states reporting were Minnesota and Washington.