More auroras all weekend. Kp 6 likely

Super aurora weekend coming! The auroras continue on….what a crazy week! High Kp levels and strong solar winds (….and the entire IMF of course) made for some great displays in Alaska, Canada, northern states, and across northern Europe. The aurora australis was seen as well in New Zealand, Australia, and Antarctica. The sun is rising in Antarctica and the dark night sky is slipping away fast.

TONIGHT EXPECT MORE STORM LEVEL AURORAS!!! Kp 6 expected. Northern states, Canada, and Alaska.

Saturday night into Sunday morning—more auroras! Northern states, Canada, and Alaska.

Sunday night into Monday morning—-more auroras! Canada and Alaska, with northern states possible.

Forecast via NOAA Space Weather: Geophysical Activity Forecast: The geomagnetic field is expected
to be at active to major storm levels on day one (12 Sep), unsettled to
minor storm levels on day two (13 Sep) and quiet to active levels on day
three (14 Sep).

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