Auroras tonight, if you have clear weather!

The arriving auroras are late, but finally, as of this post at 545pm Alaska time, the data has picked up and we are headed for a show. The IMF needs to be aligned for auroras to happen. So even if the Kp level is high, other factors come into play before the aurora makes an appearance. It is a patient waiting game. But for sure, as of now, the data is look good (Bz is north as of this post but is fluctuating). Adjust your eyes. Turn off your car lights, dim or cover your dash, and dim your phone lights. Get away from streetlights. If you are at a hotel, you must get away from the security lights.

Alaska: Clouds in many areas. If it is clear, we will see a nice show. Look up!

Canada: Most of Canada will see auroras tonight. Western and middle Canada, look north! Eastern Canada, look north, northwest! Get away from city lights.

Northern states: East coast, look north, northwest. Midwest, look north and look low if not overhead. West coast, look north and get away from any city lights including highways. Go to an open area that is flat facing north.

Middle states, such as Iowa, Wyoming, Ohio: Watch the Kp levels. You need at least a Kp 6 with a south Bz. Kp 7 is predicted. This is possible tonight. Face north and you must have no light pollution. 30 miles from a city is still too close. If you can see stars and the milky way, that is a good hint you have no light pollution.

Your camera may pick up more details and more color than your eyes. Do not be afraid to change the settings on a camera to capture the northern lights. For beginner tips on taking photos see Camera Settings. You can practice your skills on the night sky without aurora. Some smartphones can capture the lights, but won’t be as nice of quality as you see on our Facebook page.

Feel free to text me (Amy) anytime of the night for questions. No phone calls will be answered. phone number

There is a lot of hype in the media over this storm. I cringe because I don’t like seeing people disappointed. If you are reading or hearing your aurora news from a typically non-aurora source,….well…..just continue to watch this website and our social media for updates. I do have something planned for the website to further REAL LIVE updates from a human. I hope you like the website, I work on it every day. I hope you see the lights. Now, to be up all night, I will see you online. ~Amy