Sunday night auroras G1 storm possible

On Sunday night, auroras are possible due to a coronal hole. Alaska, Canada, and the very north portion of the contiguous USA may catch the aurora if the Kp level reaches 5. Fairbanks and northern Canada can see auroras at Kp 0. Every time an aurora alert is posted, people ask what time. Sometimes they reference space weather data. The answer is no one knows a time, they are just guesses. The time of the aurora showing up is anytime it is dark, but typically, the time is closer to midnight. The aurora can appear anytime from sun down to sun up. Kp alerts are also not aurora alerts. Just because the Kp level rises does not mean you will see the aurora. Other factors come into play, however the higher the Kp level, the lower in latitude the aurora may be seen.

Does _____ (insert your city), have a chance at seeing the aurora? Well, for one, if you are inside the city, the aurora lights will be washed away by light pollution. Get to the outskirts of town, the farther the better. Photos taken of the aurora with a city nearby will result in orange tinted skies, and faded greens with possibly no structure. A black night sky would be much better! As far as location, Kp 5 is not strong enough to reach southern portions of northern states (Yes to northern Montana for example, but no to mid to southern Montana). If you are not sure, should you try to see anyway? Yes, because you never know what the storm will do!

For coronal hole information see NOAA Space Weather G1 storm watch

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