Tonight’s possibilities

The current forecast for tonight, March 11/12 is a high Kp level of 3. However, we are still seeing the effects of last night and the data is looking mostly good aside from a “stuck” northward Bz. This means that although we may see continued Kp 3 (as forecast) or higher (like early this morning but unlikely as the storm is waning), the aurora may not be brightly seen until the data changes just a bit. In other words—-Wait and be patient. Auroras come out any time of day, but we see them when it is dark. So, anytime it is dark is when you should start looking for them. A question often asked is “What is the BEST time?”. If you do not like my answer of anytime it is dark, then the next best answer would be, in the middle of the night. Patience is key to waiting for auroras to appear. Sometimes we do get lucky like last night, and we see lights all night long.

early this morning, 5am, Healy Alaska
5am, Healy Alaska