CH HSS G1 Aurora storm expected Monday night

On Monday night, the aurora is expected to show at a Kp level of Kp 5, G1 storm from a coronal hole high speed stream. If you noticed the date, March 14, we are right on time for the “traditional” great March shows we have been having several years in a row. Let’s hope for another epic March! As with any forecast the Kp level could rise or fall. The Kp level suggests the estimated area that the aurora might be seen. The higher the number, the lower the latitude (in the northern hemispehere).

With Kp 5, there is the possibility of seeing the northern lights at mid latitudes, at the approximate areas of the states bordering Canada. There is also a good chance of a better than expected show, and the states a little further south may see the lights. Possible states are: ME, VT, NH, northwest PA, northern NY, WI, MN, MI, IA, SD, ND, MT, ID, WA. Face north and get away from the city. Maybe these states if the storm is bigger than expected: NE, WY, OR. And an even better than expected storm, that is when the states bordering the above states may catch the lights. Always face north, and always have no light pollution in the direction of north. An open field or body of water in your view facing north is perfect.

Entire country of Canada outside of major cities may see the lights. Entire state of Alaska. And for the southern hemisphere, New Zealand’s south island, Tasmania, and possibly the most southern areas of Australia away from city lights depending how big this aurora storm is.

Europe, as it gets dark on your Tuesday night, a high chance of continued aurora storming means a super chance at seeing northern lights, weather pending. All of Northern Europe, and just like last weeks amazing show, much of Scotland, Ireland, more southerly into northern parts of Germany, the Netherlands, and surrounding areas highly possible.