Friday night, tonight, auroras expected

The aurora forecast tonight (all night long til sunrise) is the arrival of the coronal hole high speed stream (CH HSS). The Kp level forecast is Kp 5, however Kp 6 can happen. The bad news is the weather. Although partly sunny in Fairbanks as of this post at 5pm, the weather forecast is for cloudy skies. Anchorage and Talkeetna also forecast cloudy skies. How to see the lights tonight: You must be willing to stay up late (or all night long). You must be willing to travel to where there are clearer skies. It is not promising for tonight. Hope for the best and for there to be openings in the clouds. Good luck!

All of Canada (where the weather is clear) may also see auroras tonight. The upper portion of the contiguous USA may see it too. Tasmania and southern New Zealand may see the lights as well.

Saturday night the continuing forecasted CH HSS may produce auroras as well.


The season in Alaska is coming to an end as we get more minutes of sunlight each day. ABN stops reporting nightly auroras April 15. After April 15, simply watch the skies during the small window of darkness we have. Big aurora storms will be announced so those in lower latitudes may see it.