Kp 3 tonight April 11/12, tomorrow night April 12/13 looking GREAT

Looking great for auroras tonight in interior Alaska and maybe on the horizon further south. We are currently at Kp 3.

Tomorrow night (Monday night/Tues morning) is looking excellent for auroras statewide in Alaska, all of Canada, and the upper portion of the contiguous USA. Also, Scotland, Ireland, and other countries in the north. New Zealand and the southernmost areas of Australia. Kp 5 predicted at this point, but may change tomorrow. A CME was observed and it may hit at the same time as the current CH HSS, which could produce fantastic auroras in the next couple nights. Be ready!

Get away from the city if possible. Look north if not overhead. Look south for the aurora australis (Australia and New Zealand).



The end of the season is approaching as sunlight is starting to block our view of the dark sky here in Alaska. Could this be the last show we see until August? Up in the north, we see the midnight sun. Those in lower latitudes where it gets dark at night all year long do see auroras any time of the year.