Sept 25/26 great chance for lights Kp 5

Lights are expected tonight in the northern states, Canada, and Alaska, where the weather is clear. A G1 storm warning is in effect now and a watch has been issued for Sept 26. The next 3 nights are predicted to bring us auroras. Kp 4, 5, and 6 (G2) expected over the next 3 nights.

Quick tips:

  • Lights are expected as soon as it is dark. There is no “best time” during great data such as tonight. Lights come and go. Be patient and wait. It could be a few minutes waiting, or all night waiting. Watch facebook and twitter posts if you are not seeing anything and wondering what the latest news is.
  • Look toward the north, and low toward the horizon if you are in a lower latitude, and straight up overhead if you are in Alaska and northern areas of Canada.
  • If you are in a city, you will have better luck finding a darker area. If you cannot see stars very well on a clear night, you have too much light pollution.