More auroras, but clouds in many areas

Kp 6 is forecast for tonight, again!

The next 3 nights are looking great for aurora watching. Kp 4, 5 and 6 possible. Sept 28/29, Sept 29/30, and Sept 30/Oct 1.
Remember other factors come into play, not just Kp levels.
That is why we have sometimes not been able to see auroras.
The coronal hole high speed stream continues and potential for auroras continue.
We watch and wait patiently! Look north! Know which direction is north from your location!

Lower 48 states be on the lookout for auroras tonight!
Which states? Those bordering Canada, and the upper midwestern states.

All of Canada!
And all of Alaska!

Here are the Kp levels we have seen the past few days. And the next few days are forecast great as well. Sadly, you can’t see the aurora if clouds are blocking the view. In between the clouds is possible, and sometimes cameras will pick up the green in the clouds. In this case, you need to know where the weather is clearer to catch the aurora!