Be ready for tonight! Aurora alert! Oct 13/14

The data that we look at for space weather is going great right now! HEADS UP FOR AURORAS TONIGHT.
States bordering Canada, possibly midwestern states,
all of Canada, and all of Alaska. Storm level auroras happening now in Europe!

Iceland clouded over! Hopefully your weather is clearing.

BE READY. Be in place when it is dark. Be patient. Auroras come and go.

Let your eyes adjust. Don’t stare at your phone on bright, and have your car lights on. ADJUST YOUR EYES! Rods and cones, people (lol)!

Cheat to see if the aurora is out by looking at the cams! Maine, Washington, and Alaska.

If you are confused and desperate to see the lights you can text me with questions. NO PHONE CALLS please!!! phone number



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