Fantastic data continues for more auroras tonight Mar 27/28 G2 possible

Last night was so great, and the best part was the early showing! Lights started as the sun was setting and were seen with the eye about 9pm and continued until 1030. Then, the lights were sporadic until about 2am, when the sky exploded. What a night!

Auroras are forecast to continue again tonight in Alaska. Right now, as of this post at 1pm Alaska time, northern Europe is seeing auroras. Canada will see them as soon as it is dark. If the levels remain high as forecast, then the northern contiguous states may see auroras north on the horizon. This may include states bordering Canada, as well as Iowa, South Dakota, and Wyoming. We shall see if this is the case as we get closer to tonight. Of course, us seeing auroras also depends on the weather. Clouds may cover our view. So you might have to go on a drive to get away from cloud cover!

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Check out what the ABN aurora cam caught. The first photo is 1005pm as the sun was still setting. The second is at 220am and the third is before the sun rose at 517am.

Taken from the Alaska Aurora Cam as the sun was setting!!!

Palmer, AK

Delta Junction, AK

Seward, AK