CME expected tonight, plus more auroras this week due to X flare

TONIGHT expected arrival of the CME.

This is separate from the X class flare also being reported. That means EVEN MORE high level auroras coming very soon!!! NOAA is forecasting Kp 7 and the “yellow line”. But really, those in the “red line” area on this map, be ready as well.

What does “be ready” mean? Charge your cameras, hopefully you already mastered night photography and manual settings. Take a nap, you have to be awake at night. Think of a spot you want to go to to catch the lights. Find a spot facing north, with no light pollution. An edge of a lake or field is perfect. Make sure the city next to you is not in the direction of north. If it is, then travel away to the side or travel north of it.

For those in the high latitude such as Fairbanks, Alaska, you will want to be looking SOUTH if not UP. If you are in interior or south central Alaska, have a look in every direction if not directly up.

The 3 day forecast is showing great Kp levels all 3 nights. This is going to be a long week for aurora watchers, especially in the north (Alaska, Canada, Scandinavia).

NOAA 3 day forecast

Sean Kurdz Photography