Heads up for auroras tonight and next couple nights

Alaska times:
Sept 11/12 Kp 4 is forecast.
Sept 12/13 Kp 6 is forecast.
Sept 13/14 Kp 5 is forecast.

For UTC times, here is the forecast.

Be ready for auroras in all of Alaska, Canada, and the upper USA due to a coronal hole high speed stream (CH HSS).
Northern Europe, possibly the UK.
Aurora australis: southern areas of New Zealand, and Tasmania, be ready for lights, look south.

Find an area with little to no light pollution, especially in the direction of north (south for Australia and NZ).
Interior Alaska and northern Canada, if it is a big event, look all around, not just north.

NOTE: Due to another X flare on Sunday, the forecast can change again. Watch for updates on facebook or twitter, or thru ABN email updates.