Minimal aurora lately, but be ready this weekend

The aurora has made brief or faint appearances lately in Alaska, and the weather certainly didn’t help. Overnight, the aurora was briefly seen around 4am to sunrise. The webcam did not capture it because my neighbor behind my forest area had an unfortunate fire. The smoke and light from the firefighters blocked the aurora. So if you saw that light on the cam, that is what it was. I am not aware of the details, or if they are ok.

Tonight’s forecast is Kp 2, the “usual” band of aurora to the north. Friday night we have a forecast of Kp 5. This means that all of Alaska and most of Canada may see the aurora. I’ll update as we get closer. In the mean time, get those cameras charged, winter gear sorted out, and your aurora brain set to “on”. No sleeping. ha!

Stay safe and warm on an aurora tour, and get your photo under the aurora. SkyFire in Focus has openings this weekend. Fairbanks, Alaska