Auroras expected tonight Jan 4/5

Hello there!
Auroras are expected tonight across most if not all of Alaska, Canada, and maybe just maybe, the northern states bordering Canada. Solar wind speeds are creeping up and looking good. Be ready when it is dark.
Forecast: Kp 5. G1 (Minor) geomagnetic storm levels are likely on 05 Jan due
to the onset of a negative polarity CH HSS. (source: NOAA Space Weather)

Last night’s aurora was a small burst before midnight, then a steady band overhead the rest of the night, as seen from North Pole, Alaska.


Announcing 2 events coming up next week being held at the ABN cabin in North Pole, Alaska!!!!!!

PAINT CLASS~~~~ Paint the aurora!!! Paint the aurora

Aurora Science Class

AND…..Aurora Science Class! See the link for all the info.