Incoming CME! Auroras predicted!

A CME resulting from a C4 flare is inbound and that means auroras!!! Northern lights may be seen beginning Friday night as soon as it gets dark. 

Kp 6 is predicted, but the Kp level can easily change, going higher, or lower.

All of Alaska be ready for lights as soon as it’s dark and for the next 2 nights. All of Canada. US states possible depending on the strength of the IMF. Watch the Kp level. If we see a high Kp level as predicted, all northern states and some midwest states may see the aurora. GET AWAY from the CITY!!!! There should be NO city to the north of where you want to see aurora. Reflective light pollution WILL block your view of a low or dim aurora.

All of northern Europe, such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Russia, Estonia, Ireland, Scotland, and maybe England.

South Island New Zealand, Tasmania, maybe the southern edges of Australia, and Antarctica.

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We are coming to the end of the aurora season. One more month to go until the midnight sun takes over the sky in the aurora zone. Auroras can be seen further south of approx 60 degrees latitude year round because it gets dark at night. Watch for high Kp levels in the summer if you are traveling in southern Canada or the northern states.