Auroras are looking great for tonight Aug 30/31 AND Aug 31/Sept 1

Auroras are happening tonight across northern Europe and are expected tonight across Canada and most of Alaska. Poor weather in some locations will block the view. Fairbanks Alaska looking GREAT.

The media is hyping up the big storm from the coronal hole high speed stream. It is forecast to arrive on Aug 31/Sept 1. Much of the media is reporting a full day late, saying Sept 1/Sept 2. If the storm arrives late then Sept 1/Sept 2 it is.*** But WE are ready to watch the aurora storm TONIGHT and TOMORROW night Aug 30/31/Sept 1.***

The expected Kp level is 6 but the timeframe is very short as forecast. It might even be daytime when the storm hits (therefore showing over Russia and Europe instead).

ANYWAY—–TONIGHT AUG 30 is looking GREAT. Currently Kp 3, expected Kp 5. 

Tour openings TONIGHT for Fairbanks:

Fairbanks Aurora Tours has 2 spots open Friday night only.
Alaska Aurora Adventures has openings tonight and tomorrow.