Eagle River, AK added for Aurora Science Class!

Anchorage and MatSu valley people! We have added an Aurora Science Class
and the location is Eagle River!

We will meet at the
Pizza Man Restaurant event room area, Eagle River Alaska. 
Tuesday March 10, 6pm to 9pm.

(please note the change of venue!!!)

Aurora science expert Christian Harris will be presenting a fun and educational slide show and talk on the science of the aurora and how to read the data. In other words— How to see the aurora!!! No boring snooze worthy lecture on protons vs electrons and trigonometry. This will be taught in a fun manner, from novice to advanced, moving along slowly with all questions answered. NOAA Space Weather will be referenced often, so you can follow along on the screen or on your device with live data. Have the link handy for class if you want.

Seeing the aurora is more than a “chance”, it involves a bit of science. It isn’t opening an app for instant success. It isn’t looking at the Kp level. It is not seen only when it is extremely cold outside.

Do you want to see the northern lights EVERY time it is out (aside from cloudy weather)? When you can read the data your success rate will skyrocket and you can join us in saying that you see the lights multiple times per (week, month, year depending on your location). For Eagle River, it could easily mean several times per month. And during solar maximum, even more. What is solar maximum? Find out at the class.

Learn how to read the data and the forecasts to determine whether or not to go out. Tell your friends and family “the lights are out” or “will be out” with confidence. Participate online in chats and groups about the aurora. Expand your skills via reading data and knowing when and where to go based on the forecasts. Come away with a better knowledge of this fun hobby!
Tour guides and professionals welcome, and you may bring your clients before your tour! Visitors to Alaska are welcome. 

The cost is $35 per person. You may purchase your own food and beverage during the class.
Although this is not a photography class, there will be plenty of photographers on hand to answer a question you may have. Bring your camera. If it happens to be a good night for aurora, we will head up Skyline Dr for a look after the class.
If you have a particularly difficult question, you can send it in before hand to be sure it is answered. For more information see Aurora Science Class and choose the class you want, in Fairbanks or Eagle River.

These events are also listed on our ABN Facebook page. There are multiple ways to purchase, in case you like one best. I hope to see you there! Send me a text anytime for aurora related or class questions. ~Amy Stratman