Aurora tonight, Kp 6

The aurora forecast for tonight until the 17th of January is looking great with a Kp level of 6 tonight, then waning to Kp 4 (active), then Kp 3 (unsettled). All of Alaska and much of Canada should expect aurora. This is due to a negative polarity coronal high-speed stream.

There is cloudy weather in a lot of Canada and Alaska so that might hinder your viewing and you might have to chase the aurora if you can get away from the clouds.

Sweden, Finland, and Norway saw excellent aurora overnight but many areas there also had a lot of clouds. Be sure to check out the various webcams here.

I know of several tour guides that have openings in Fairbanks, Alaska, so please send a message if you would like to have a last minute seat, or check individual websites for future dates.