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For help with your aurora adventure, or nightly advice for viewing the aurora, don’t hesitate to contact Amy VIA TEXT at any time of night. Phone calls will not be answered unless prior arrangements have been made.


Maybe you have these questions…Let’s get them answered!

  • Where should we stay? Where should we go? What else is there to do in [insert city]?
  • Which direction should we drive? Do we need to upgrade to 4WD? Are there Ubers in [insert city]?
  • What time will the aurora be out tonight? Is the weather better here than there? Can you text me if the aurora will be out?
  • How do I set up my phone to take a picture? Can you recommend a tour guide?
  • Can you place me on a tour at the last minute? Who is the cheapest guide? Who is the best guide?
  • Who serves the best snacks on tour? Who gives private tours?
  • Who can help me with a surprise proposal? Who can help with a wish?
  • Have you been on a dog sled ride and is it worth it? Ice fishing under the aurora? Snowmobiling under the aurora?
  • Should I take a tour to [insert city]? Should we choose Alaska or Canada or Norway or ?