Text Alerts

Buy me a Coffee / AuroraNotify “Aurora advice for your trip” ONLY may receive texts at this time,

Buy Me a Coffee AuroraNotify

This service will text you during live aurora seen in Alaska only. Your phone number can be any number in the USA.

You will receive a text for your area in Alaska if the aurora forecast is good, great, or excellent. You will also receive a text if the aurora is imminent over your area, or is currently being seen.

Keep in mind the aurora comes and goes. Most texts will give you a heads up to possible or current activity in your area. Since we get aurora every night in Alaska, the texts will keep you informed of big events you cannot miss. These alerts are not from a computer or automation. Alerts are sent after my team and I personally check the data, forecast, and sky with our own eyes.

cabin under the aurora no light pollution North Pole Alaska
super bright aurora and the Fairbanks AK light pollution
Rod's Alaskan Guide Service North Pole Alaska
Aurora moon at Chena Lakes
Aurora Moose Cottage