Fairbanks Tours

We have partnered with select tour guides. Book directly on this website and be sure to mention Aurora Borealis Notifications to the company you choose. If you have questions about anything concerning the aurora, a tour, or travel, feel free to email Amy@AuroraNotify.com

Fairbanks, Alaska

Aurora Chasers Fairbanks Alaska

Join the Aurora Chasers, take your dream photo, and check the aurora off your bucket list!

Fairbanks Aurora Tours

Fairbanks Aurora Tours

SkyFire in Focus Tours Bill Heath

Skyfire in Focus Tours. Aurora tours to scenic locations and to the Arctic Circle in the summer.

Aurora Bear Photography Classes

North facing, on a hill overlooking a beautiful horizon, enjoy the aurora and improve your photography skills with perfection. Snow shoe in the dark, and warm up by a cozy fire. Aurora Bear.

Alaska Aurora Adventures

Located in the perfect aurora viewing location near North Pole, Alaska Aurora Adventures has cabins for rent, aurora viewing from inside or outside the lodge, and camera rentals. Take your picture under the lights, get a reflection shot with the pond, and warm up with hot beverages. It is the perfect night.

Anchorage, Alaska


Locations include Anchorage and Fairbanks.