Salmon Aurora Cam back online

Joy! The “SALMON” aurora cam up at Chatanika is back online. Click on the “live cam” tonight to see possible aurora! And as always, we will report when we see the aurora with our own eyes! Salmon Cam

last night’s aurora

Last night the aurora came out about midnight. As I was driving south toward North Pole, the green streak lit up brightly in the sky behind the clouds. In just a few minutes, the aurora wrapped itself around the sky in all directions. The lower picture depicts the aurora facing north about 15 minutes after the first picture was taken. The aurora continued about an hour, the smoke from the wildfire rolled in closer to the ground, and the sky could no longer been seen in many areas. We had reports that the aurora came back later on in the early morning, and the clouds and smoke moved along.

C class solar flare

The aurora forecast for tonight is quiet with active periods. This means that we will see the aurora tonight, and at times the show will be spectacular. This is due to a C class solar flare.

Expect displays between approx midnight to 4am.

The kp level is expected to fluctuate between a 2 and a 5. This means that the entire state of Alaska could potentially see the aurora. As with any space weather/aurora prediction this could be wrong, but let’s hope they are right!

Aurora seen tonight.

Aurora seen overhead in the Fairbanks area, Healy, Cantwell, and parts of Anchorage and Wasilla tonight.  It was a great night! The kp level was a 2. Colors seen were green, red, purple, and white.

a little aurora

Aurora made an appearance tonight toward the east, swooping gently across the sky with occasional upward spikes. The kp level was a 2. Photo was taken at Peridot and the Richardson Hwy in North Pole, Alaska about 1am Aug 22, 2012. Image

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