aurora can now be seen 1130pm

Faint aurora seen in several parts of AK so far tonight, from Talkeetna to north of Fairbanks. Ft WW reporting aurora. Chena Lakes reporting. Forecast says it will be stronger, and continue into the morning.

slim chance tonight

Small chance for aurora tonight in a few hours, but clouds, snow, and an almost full moon may block any views. And for the big announcement: Halloween night—be ready for the northern lights!

the Aurora explained

It’s been a quiet forecast this week and cloudy skies in areas of Alaska to see the aurora. It has been seen lower on the horizon on the webcams, but not visible from town. Nothing exciting in the forecast to report at the moment, but be assured, we will let you know when the aurora is visible in the sky!

2 great videos on that explain the aurora in simple language:

Northern Lights Explained 

Written in the Sky: Aurora Borealis Explained

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