so far, not much

tiny aurora After this evening’s brief show, the Bz swung north and it is still stuck there. This means that the aurora cannot be seen at the moment. All other indicators look good, but until the Bz heads south, we will not see a show. We were hoping and it just didn’t happen. All hope is not lost. The aurora is predicted for tomorrow night as well, and we hope to bring you an aurora sighting.

Jan 17

tiny auroraAurora spotted already in Fox and on top Cleary. We are headed out tonight! The aurora can also be seen in MB, SK, and NWT so far. Expect more auroras into the night. Also, expect auroras all weekend! This is very exciting. Current Kp index is 3. Time 7pm in Alaska

Scotland aurora!

tiny auroraLots of clouds in Europe, but there is aurora in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Sweden. Other locations possible, weather depending. Tasmania saw it before the sun rose. We would love to see your pictures posted! Current Kp 5. Expect auroras in Alaska tonight. Current time 12pm.

Kp 7 tonight

tiny auroraThe Kp is 7. The bz is south. If it is dark where you are and there are few clouds, then you have aurora. The sun is rising in Alaska. It looks like Europe will get a show tonight (right now, 9am Alaska time). There is a great possibility of an aurora all over Alaska tonight. Let’s hope the weather cooperates, because this should be a good one!

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