What a fabulous Christmas!

The aurora came out for Christmas Eve in a little show, then came back a couple hours later in a dancing display. It lasted all night long, however it was faded at times. It was mostly green. Almost the whole state saw it, where the weather was clear. Aurora photos galore can be seen on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ABNFNSB

The sun rose and washed away the green, but the moon was beautiful to look at it through the living room window, safe from the outdoor temp of -35F in North Pole, Alaska.

Christmas Moon and trees

Christmas Moon through window

auroras ramped up again in Fairbanks, also Anc & Homer. Kp 1 -9.1 nT

The aurora has strengthened again and can be seen in most of the state where it is clear. This includes the Fairbanks areas, Anchorage, Homer, JBER, Kenai, Wasilla, Palmer, and more. Kp 1, with a great southward Bz of 9.1nT. Time of this post: 2:15am.

Merry Christmas from North Pole, Alaska!

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