aurora & eclipse

The lunar eclipse is beautiful! ….and going on as the aurora makes an appearance toward the north in the Fairbanks area. Time 12:15am. Kp 1

lights & clouds

The aurora can be seen overhead in the Fairbanks area. Its also very cloudy. The Kp level is 3, and the time of this post is 1am.

If its clear where you are, check the skies. Parts of Canada reporting lights.

Great show last night Kp 5

The aurora came out early last night, before it was dark enough, then lasted all night long. The bright moonlight washed away some detail, but the colors and structure were still quite beautiful. Fairbanks areas, Delta, North Slope, Healy, the MatSu Valley, Sitka, Juneau, Whitehorse, Washington state, Montana state all saw a good display. Anchorage saw some lights but was clouded over quick. The Kp level reached 5. More great photos can be seen on our Facebook page.

Photos taken in North Pole, Alaska

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