G1 storm possible sometime tonight!

NOAA Space Weather just issued a warning. G1 storm, Kp 5 possible. TONIGHT! Sorry for the late notice! This was a surprise! I thought tonight was going to be a typical night with a band of aurora, and was hoping to get a little rest. It is -38F at my house in North Pole, I don’t care what the weather forecasters say!

Expect auroras tonight in the state of Alaska. Interior residents prepare for the cold if heading out. Keep a key on you and don’t lock your door if you step outside, stay safe. Lights are also predicted for tomorrow night for the whole state.

Jan 5 and 6, gorgeous night, full moon and auroras

We had yet another great night in Alaska, another great aurora dance and the full moon lighting up the landscape. The temperature on my phone showed -29F here in North Pole, Alaska, but the thermometer outside read -40F. It was a cold one, but fleece clothing, hat, gloves, and scarf, kept me outside long enough to shoot a few photos. The next 2 nights (Tues and Wed night) are also forecast for more northern lights.

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