Active forecast tonight and forty below zero temps

Fairbanks areas, we have lights already at 715pm Alaska time. Faint and low on the horizon for now. Data is looking good for northern lights tonight in much of the state (the more south you are, the lower you should look). Current Kp level is 2, Bz -4.5nT.

Brutal temps in the interior. Forty below (-40) North Pole! Be careful out there! I’m going to be an armchair aurora chaser tonight.

Last night was a bust, tonight is colder

Last night, auroras barely came out, and clouds overtook most of Alaska. The forecast G1 storm never happened. Tonight the data is looking ok for the interior, however, the temperature fell to -33F as of 815pm Alaska time. Be careful if heading out.

Active displays tonight in AK but it’s overcast in many areas

Tonight’s aurora forecast is for minor storm levels. Canada and Alaska may see great auroral displays. The northern states may see activity low on the horizon as well. If your weather is clear, have a look outside tonight. Check the facebook page for updates. We have overcast skies in the Fairbanks and Anchorage areas, so our chances are poor. Don’t forget to have a look outside in the early morning as well, when you wake up.

Current temp in North Pole -17F

Super forecast! but…snowing in Alaska!

The next 2 nights are forecast to be unsettled to active. A super chance at seeing the lights! But, unfortunately, the weather in most areas of Alaska are going to be cloudy and snowy. On Jan 24/25, the aurora will be active. We’ll update when we get closer to the date. If you have any sort of clear skies, please have a look up!

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