quiet tonight (Sun/Mon) but aurora storm coming!

Sunday night into Monday morning the aurora is quiet. Kp 1. Clouds in the Fairbanks area may block any low on the horizon views. Anchorage is clear but the Kp level is too low.

Monday night into Tuesday morning, NOAA Space Weather predicts G1 storm level auroras due to a coronal hole. Kp 5 possible, Kp 4 likely. Those in the upper portion of the contiguous USA may see the lights! Canada and Alaska may see lights overhead. This storm may last 2 nights, so be ready!

G1 storm watch

Slight change of forecast= ACTIVE! (but still rainy in Fairbanks)

Tonight’s forecast is active with possibilities of minor storm levels (Kp 5, Kp 6). Auroras have already been seen in the Great Lakes area and parts of Canada. Fairbanks area completely socked in with clouds. Anchorage areas may have a chance depending on the weather. Have a look tonight! The Kp level today, during Alaska’s daytime, has been Kp 3, Kp 4, and Kp 5.

Thursday night/Friday morning: unsettled to active, Kp 4.

Friday night/Saturday morning: quiet to unsettled levels, Kp 3.

For detailed Space Weather info, see NOAA Space Wx

Aurora forecast, mostly cloudy with rain

Tues night/Wed morning: quiet to unsettled. CLOUD COVER and/or RAIN in most of Alaska. Kp 2. Have a good rest!
Wed night/Thurs morning: quiet to active. Kp 2 average, Kp 4 possible.
Thurs night/Fri morning: unsettled to active levels, Kp 4.

Rain forecast

Aurora forecast for this weekend

Tonight’s forecast is active. Friday night’s forecast is also active.
Saturday night into Sunday morning forecast is for storm levels!

Entire state of Alaska may see lights, as may Canadians. Northern states, such as Maine, Michigan, North Dakota, etc, may also see lights on Saturday night into Sunday morning. Watch the Facebook page or Twitter @AuroraNotify for immediate updates. forecast!

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