Alaska Aurora Cam needs your help

Our friends need help! The camera, over at Alaska Aurora Cam bit the dust the other day, and they are needing a new camera! If I am not mistaken, this is the second camera to call it quits in just a few years time. The camera works 24/7 in all weather conditions and has brought us fabulous aurora displays. If you are inclined, head on over to the link here and donate a couple bucks in the cause. And as always, we at ABN are always taking donations to keep up our cam and website too. We all appreciate this effort!

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Aurora forecast quiet to unsettled

The aurora forecast for tonight and the next 3 nights is quiet to unsettled. The Fairbanks area may see the northern lights, but Anchorage areas may or may not. The Kp level is not expected to rise above 3. Remember, the Fairbanks area can see aurora at Kp 0.

Look north and look low on the horizon if you cannot see it overhead. Clouds will cover your view of the lights. The full moon may wash out the details in a weak aurora. Happy aurora watching! ~Amy

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Good news! More auroras forecast

A great aurora forecast tonight and tomorrow night. Minor storm levels (Kp 5) predicted. Data looks good as of this post. Not only is there a coronal hole stream (great news), but an incoming CME (also great) may swipe by earth, producing more auroras. Exciting! Now, if only the clouds would disappear. If you have clear skies in Alaska, Canada, and northern states, be ready for auroras Saturday night all the way to Monday morning.

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