Kp 4 tonight

The Kp level tonight is a 4, and we are expecting auroras tonight and also tomorrow night. The northern states and Canada, facing north, are seeing sporadic auroras right now (6pm Alaska time). Clouds are covering much of the North American continent. If you have clear skies, look north. Alaska can expect lights just as soon as it gets dark and all night long (they come and go)

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12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Camera Parka

Today’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway is
The Camera Parka by AT Frosted Lens. To win, please comment below how you will utilize this item. (You may comment on the website or on Facebook) Please share!

The Camera Parka is specifically designed for outdoor cold weather photography. This is a must for the serious aurora photographer, or any nighttime and/or cold weather photographer!

***A winner will be chosen Tuesday, Dec 1. AT Frosted Lens will ship to the US, Canada, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, UK and Ireland.***

A little about the Camera Parka:
Protect against cold
Protect against wind chill
Protect against humidity, moisture and frost
Allow for easy access to all controls on cameras
Allow for easy manual focusing without removing the cover
Allow for use with a tripod
Keep hands warm when changing settings
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