12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Camera Parka

Today’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway is
The Camera Parka by AT Frosted Lens. To win, please comment below how you will utilize this item. (You may comment on the website or on Facebook) Please share!

The Camera Parka is specifically designed for outdoor cold weather photography. This is a must for the serious aurora photographer, or any nighttime and/or cold weather photographer!

***A winner will be chosen Tuesday, Dec 1. AT Frosted Lens will ship to the US, Canada, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, UK and Ireland.***

A little about the Camera Parka:
Protect against cold
Protect against wind chill
Protect against humidity, moisture and frost
Allow for easy access to all controls on cameras
Allow for easy manual focusing without removing the cover
Allow for use with a tripod
Keep hands warm when changing settings
***more info at http://atfrostedlens.com/

If you would like to order a Camera Parka now, they are having a Black Friday Special until Nov 30.
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  1. This would be great in trying to finally get a shot of the Aurora Borealis at night in the winter (and any other time I am out shooting nature shots in winter with my camera, especially when we travel farther north in Alaska over the next couple of years). Great gift idea too!

  2. I would love to put this to good use during the cold winter months. That’s one thing I struggle with. Having to take off my gloves to take the picture then having to put them back on. I would love this!!

  3. I would get a lot of use from an item like this. Shotting Aurora can get a little frosty on the fingers during those cold winter nights. Plus it might improve the battery life a little.

  4. I’d use this on my bucket list trip to Fairbanks in February to photograph the Northern Lights. This invention is genius!

  5. This has been one of my biggest complaints about shooting in the winter lately! My favorite gloves just aren’t quite warm enough to sit and wait for the bouncing sky’s to come alive! I’d love to give something like this a shot.

  6. I would love to have one if these. After years of spending time outdoors my fingers are so sensitive to the cold. This would be amazing for nights out taking pictures of the auroras.

  7. These would be great for those really cold days that come about. I think it would also be good to keep any snow off that may be around.

  8. What a functional, cool invention!! I could have used this in three degree weather this last weekend (I did survive and my fingers have not fallen off from frostbite (yet, lol). What I really like for a start is a functional way to keep hands warm when changing settings (I would like to propose marriage to the person just for inventing something that would help elevate this issue…I’m old, but still a good catch as I can still cook and I have a sense of humor…oh, I’m a girl, lol). easy access to all controls, ability to manually focus under cover, looks like a decent tripod usage, and having a decent way to insulate batteries. What more can I ask for??? A gigantic Aurora night sky.

  9. I live in a climate that has lots of moisture in the air, even on not so cold nights. i do lots of starry night photos, and an working to teach people about the importance of lighting ordinances to keep the skies dark at night. I live in one fo the few dark sky areas on the east coast of the US, and want to keep it that way. My dream is to shoot aurora’s one day up north, this would be a great addition to my toolbox.

  10. I would very much love this item to assist my hunt for these amazing and elusive lights as winter has finally arrived and brought with it, even more challenges in my quest!! Thank you for your time and consideration

  11. This would be so nice to keep both my camera and fingers protected when night shooting….my new passion!

  12. I would gift this to my sister who moved to AlSka and stays up late into the night trying to capture the Northern Loghts on her camera.

  13. Ahhhhh….warm hands, warm fingers, warm camera. This would make an ideal addition to taking pictures of the Auroras while visiting Fairbanks!

  14. I think that the camera parka would be a great accessory as we live in the cold north, in fact could have used it yesterday taking pictures at Lake Superior of the icicles on the driftwood. Would love to win it!!

  15. I would use it as the perfect 63rd birthday present for my bucket list trip to see the aurora’s – someday….

  16. Finally! A blue cold weather photography product that helps prevent one’s fingers from also turning blue. My hands AND my camera will appreciate the protection the Camera Parka affords on frigid night and bone-chilling daytime photo sessions.

  17. My name is Richelle Mckechnie, I live in BC canada, and have been addicted to the auroras since i first saw them.When I go out I anm not near my car to be able warm myself or my camera up. It would mean the world to me to win this camera parka. When I go out shooting the auroras I am on average out for 8 hours, currently I am using a leg warm stretched over my camera with a plastic rain sheet to keep condesation build up at bay for even a little extra longer. This parka would help allow me not to just go oout and do my night photoraphy but allow me to go out during winter months and protect my camera.

  18. I would love to own this to use when I come back to Fairbanks to photograph the Auroras. Also to use when out and about looking for wildlife again.

  19. I love searching for and photographing the aurora but as I live in Shetland it can be very cold so both me and my camera need to be properly dressed for the weather and this would be ideal for keeping my camera cosy! πŸ™‚

  20. I would love to have one of these! I’d definitely make great use of it when I’m out hunting the aurora on those cold winter nights here in Alaska

  21. This camera parka would be great for my frost shots! I love taking my camera outside on those gorgeous frosty mornings. I don’t really have anything right now to protect my camera so this would be awesome! =)

  22. I’d love to use it for the next and first Aurora I will hopefully see during my stay here in Northern Ireland during this autumn/winter term. Cheers

  23. What a great addition for keeping the camera warm and frost free and easy to use. Would like to have one in my camera bag for shooting Aurora and winter shooting.

  24. Maybe the time it will all come together !
    This would bea awesome to have and take pictures with!

  25. This would be sooo awesome! Having you hands and camera warm while taking pictures if the Lights !

  26. trying to take pics when it’s 3 degrees is tough! I would love to have the help of this cool gadget! Thanks!

  27. I would gift this to a friend who shoots professionally for a newspaper. She’s often outside shooting winter sports.

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