12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Aurora Dora Metal Print

The final prize for today is a gorgeous metal print by Aurora Dora ​entitled “August Aurora and Denali”. In this photo, you can see Denali in the background, along with the Big Dipper sparkling in the sky. This print is signed on the back by Aurora Dora. The size of the print is 18×12 (and you can see my reflection in the photo, as it is metal).

To win this print, please comment below. (oh, and yes, you can try to win as many prizes as you want, no limit on commenting on each prize) Winner will be picked by Dora on Sunday, Nov 29.

Please give her page a like and a share! or a Follow on Twitter @AuroraDora_com . She has awesome aurora photos and other aurora gifts in her shop, and she also does aurora photography workshops. Highly recommended!
Visit her website at http://www.auroradora.com/
Aurora Dora Print


  1. Awe…guess I’m a little late…but just in case I’m not… I’D LOVE TO WIN THIS PRINT! ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. My shero!! A chick after my own heart as I love to have my work printed on metal, too. I would love to have your work right next to mine as well as other favorite photographers. No matter who is picked, it will be an honor to any of us!! So good luck to us all and thank you for your generosity, Dora.

  3. I absolutely love this photo! I love how the beautiful aurora is towering from above, casting it’s lovely green glow on everything below! This photo would look amazing in my office!!! =)

  4. What a spectacular print, just beautiful! It would be such an honor to win this. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh gosh….what a stunning site! We have relatives in AK but never saw the lights when visiting. We just moved from So Cal to Spokane, WA area, and have only seen a little bit of color on the horizon a couple of the nights! I can’t wait for the day when I can see the full lights! Thanks! Andi

  6. I have a wood carving, woman with outstretched arms, bird on arm… free Spirit…aurora are my passion~~~ My goal is to get the right digital camera , tripod and remote control to go out here in Northern Saskatchewan and get that most delicious shot! This print would be my inspiration! Heavenly!

  7. Love your prints I am going to Eagle River for Christmas and hope to see some northern lights. If I won this print it would have a place of honor on my wall!!!!!

  8. That’s amazing – we haven’t been able to catch the aurora yet here in SE AK, but we are fairly new so there’s still plenty of time. Love Aurora Dora’s photography!!

  9. Would love to win this. Living in North East Scotland I am always chasing to see the Auroras. Part of my Bucket List is to travel to Alaska or Alta to experience seeing them in all there glory. These prints would be fantastic!

  10. Stunning image! I’d love to have a print since I don’t see any trips to Denali in my near future

  11. Dora yes we would love to be the winners of your Fine print displaying the Aurora Borealis, know to my grandchildren as the magic reindeer trails.

  12. I’ve been looking for the quintessential print to include two of the most important natural icons of Alaska. This is it? Thank you for taking such a wonderful photo!

  13. Oh please pick me, I love your photo and would love to have it in my house. It would make me very happy.

  14. When I finally get to see the Aurora in person and not just through the alerts and Facebook postings, I dearly hope that it will look like one of your pictures!

  15. Just a thought–every one of your photos is a gift from the sun to you and from you to us, who are too far south to see such a sky.

  16. Absolutely beautiful, my next trip will be to Fairbanks in 2017, but in the mean time this print would be a great alternative

  17. The Northern Lights are ephemeral and capturing them in an image is sheer genius. Aurora Dora did it..l

  18. Aurora Dora, one of my nicknames was “Lora Dora Pants on Fire”, but I’m not lying when I tell you how much having this. Print would mean to me. I am also a painter and would give a piece of my work in return. Thank you, Laura Little Holt

  19. I bought this print last year while visiting yor store in Talkeetna. have kicked myself many times over for not buying the metal print instead of the paper one. those metal prints just jump out at you. What a great reminder everytime I look at that print of the beauty of Alaska

  20. But they’ve never seen the Nortgern Lights, never seen a hawk on the wing. Never seen the spring at the great divide , oh they’ve never heard ole camp cookie sing “. Your art is glorious! pick me 🙂

  21. I was just in Alaska in September and so badly wanted to see the Aurora. Unfortunately the weather did not permit it. I was in your shop in Talkeetna and your prints are amazing. I am from Cleveland Ohio and you never see anything like that.Keep up the fantastic work.

  22. What an amazing piece of art created by nature and Dora!!! Wonderful! I would be honored to have this in my cabin that overlooks Hatcher Pass…

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