12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Aurora Blankets

Dec 1 Giveaway! 2 gorgeous aurora borealis blankets!!!! They are very soft and are a large throw size. There will be 2 winners!!! To win, please comment below if you think these blankets would be a fun gift! It is a bit difficult to take a photo of a big blanket! 😉

The blankets are from Fox Gardens & Gift Shop located in Fox, Alaska, just north of Fairbanks and near the Silver Gulch Brewery. Specializing in aurora related gifts, when you walk in you will be amazed! From shirts and magnets to clocks and cards, plates, cutting boards, and prints of all types and sizes. Stop in and see Gary and Teresa, Monday through Saturday from 10-8!

This blanket giveaway will end Dec 2. blanket

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