12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Aurora Blankets

Dec 1 Giveaway! 2 gorgeous aurora borealis blankets!!!! They are very soft and are a large throw size. There will be 2 winners!!! To win, please comment below if you think these blankets would be a fun gift! It is a bit difficult to take a photo of a big blanket! 😉

The blankets are from Fox Gardens & Gift Shop located in Fox, Alaska, just north of Fairbanks and near the Silver Gulch Brewery. Specializing in aurora related gifts, when you walk in you will be amazed! From shirts and magnets to clocks and cards, plates, cutting boards, and prints of all types and sizes. Stop in and see Gary and Teresa, Monday through Saturday from 10-8!

This blanket giveaway will end Dec 2. blanket


  1. A Warm blanket would be such a blessing! And with Northern lights would be the Cat’s Meow

  2. I would love to gaze upon this beautiful blanket while keeping warm at the same time.

  3. Oooh! It looks so cozy, soft, warm, and just look at the colors. Would love to win one. Don’t live in Alaska, but we live in the snow belt bordering Lake Superior. Could really use one.

  4. Something warm and cuddly to use on those cold nights wishing to be able to see the Northern Lights. Will make note of your location for my next visit to AK and Fairbanks.

  5. i’m pretty sure i’m never going to get to see an aurora here on the oregon coast and my husband won’t travel to any place that’s cold…so one of your blankets is probably my only chance to see an aurora ‘in person’…

  6. We traveled all the way from Ohio to Fairbanks in 2013, mainly for a chance to see the aurora. Unfortunatley, the weather did not cooperate while we were there. Looking forward to coming back (hopefully in 2016) for another chance. The blanket would make a wonderful Christmas present & reminder for my wife!

  7. I have only seen the northern lights a few times in my life but remember the magic and splendor of seeing the dancing aurora borealis always in my heart. This blanket would let me see it every night!

  8. I’d love to win this beautiful blanket to snuggle up in and dream of the Aurora on those nights when it’s not visible in Anchorage due to clouds (sigh!)!

  9. My two young granddaughters (5) & (7) are so amazed by my Aurora photos. It would be a dream to give them blankets like that to snuggle them to sleep every night!

  10. Beautiful blanket!! Would love to send to my parents to convince them to come up here and finally visit! :p

  11. The blanket would make a beautiful wall hanging so I can sleep under the aurora 365 day a year 🙂 Now, to check out the site for more aurora gifts at Fox Gardens and Gift Shop … Crazy about auroras in Palmer AK !!!

  12. Oh my goodness what a great idea! I have family in the lower 48 who have yet to see the auroras. A blanket would be a blessing for them! Thank you!

  13. An Aurora Blanket would surely be a neat gift. I talk to others who have never seen the northern lights and many people are clueless. The blanket gift would help them visualize “the lights” and maybe provide them sweet dreams.

  14. I once trekked up the hill and lay down on a knoll behind a very old barn in Manitoba Canada to watch the stars and aurora borealis dance across the skies~~~ Oh YES! To sleep amidst the aurora WOULD be a dream come true for me☼☼☼ Thanks for all you folks do to add beauty to people’s lives! Blessings!

  15. What a wonderful gift. Warm and cozy just in time for Christmas !! Thanks for all you do and your WONDERFUL site 🙂

  16. Would love to give one to my 5 year old son who i always talk about the Northern Lights with but he has not seen yes since we live in Vermont and only see them occasionally. It would also put a smile on my face when I go in nightly to test his blood since he is a type 1 diabetic.

  17. An aurora blanket would be a perfect way for us to remember the year we spent in Fairbanks , 8/2013 – 7/2014. Yes, we enjoyed the wonder of the Northern Lights that we were able to see while there.

  18. I would love to have these blankets for my son’s that are away at school! They miss seeing the lights and it would remind them of home!

  19. My niece was visiting Alaska last summer and really liked the photography of the northen lights that we’d seen during our travels around the state. It would be a nice Christmas present for her!

  20. Love your FB page!! Cool gift ideas and the Aurora photos are so neat!! Anyway, this throw would make be feel all toasty when I wrap myself up in it…more so, it would remind me of what I can see when the clouds clear, lol.

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