12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Aurora Dora Metal Print

The final prize for today is a gorgeous metal print by Aurora Dora ​entitled “August Aurora and Denali”. In this photo, you can see Denali in the background, along with the Big Dipper sparkling in the sky. This print is signed on the back by Aurora Dora. The size of the print is 18×12 (and you can see my reflection in the photo, as it is metal).

To win this print, please comment below. (oh, and yes, you can try to win as many prizes as you want, no limit on commenting on each prize) Winner will be picked by Dora on Sunday, Nov 29.

Please give her page a like and a share! or a Follow on Twitter @AuroraDora_com . She has awesome aurora photos and other aurora gifts in her shop, and she also does aurora photography workshops. Highly recommended!
Visit her website at http://www.auroradora.com/
Aurora Dora Print

12 Days of Christmas Day 1. Aurora Dora Calendar

Welcome, everyone to Aurora Borealis Notifications 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! For the next 12 days, we are giving away tons of prizes so be sure to follow us. Regular aurora reports will also be posted.

First up, a 2016 Aurora Calendar by Aurora Dora​. Aurora Dora also donated a metal print, which will be posted later today. To win this, all you have to do is comment below where Aurora Dora’s shop is and why you want to win! Aurora Dora Calendar

Please give her page a like and a share! She has awesome aurora photos and other aurora gifts in her shop, and………she also does aurora photography workshops. Highly recommended!

aurora dora workshops 2015

Weather still an issue, but if clear, Kp 1 or 2

We have been weathered out in Alaska and much of the country lately, and luckily, the aurora has been very quiet, so we have not missed much. The predicted Kp level for tonight is Kp 1 or 2. Auroras may be seen in high latitudes (above 60 degrees north) if the weather is clear. Happy aurora watching!


2nd Annual 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway starts Nov 28!

Get ready for the 2nd Annual 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!!!! Keep watching this website or the facebook page for 12 straight days of prizes beginning Saturday Nov 28! Aurora alerts will continue to be posted as well, if we ever have clear skies again (LOL).

Prizes donated by small businesses, all aurora themed! ‪#‎smallbiz‬ ‪#‎shopsmall‬ If you are an email subscriber to this website, you may receive more emails than usual. All the giveaway emails will be titled appropriately, so that aurora alerts can be seen. Business advertising is essential to keep this website and cam up. Thank so much and have fun!

Photo credit: Sebastian Saarloos

12 days post

Aurora storm coming Tues night

CH HSS solar storm due to arrive sometime Tuesday night. More info as we get closer to the time frame. This means auroras!!! Auroras possible in mid-latitudes, maybe, just maybe, as low as southern Montana, Wyoming, Iowa, etc.

Poor weather predicted in the populated areas of Alaska.

Corrected to CH HSS from CME in original post.

With the cold weather starting, AT Frosted Lens has a special on the camera covers. As a special for ABN users, use “ABN” as the coupon or leave a note in the note section of the cart, and they will add an additional battery bag for free.

cover abn3 Cover2_ABN

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