Happy New Year’s Auroras tonight! Kp 6

Auroras being seen across the north right now as the sun sets. Kp 6! Canada is seeing lights, northern states are seeing lights where the weather is clear. Alaska, standby for a fantastic show.

Happy New Year 2016!!!

Auroras now, Kp 5. Happy New Year, Europe!

The aurora storm we all have been waiting for has strengthened overnight and into this morning in Alaska, so as the sun shines on us, it’s night in Europe and they’ll see auroras now. Kp 5, still a possibility of the G3 storm.

If the storm holds until tonight, then northern states, Canada, and all of Alaska may see lights as we welcome in the New Year.

Let me clarify, the number one question is “what time?”, or, “what’s the best time?”. The answer is anytime it’s dark, and typically in the middle of the night. “I can’t stay out all night because…”, aurora hunting is a patient waiting game. We all head out and hope we see something. We watch the data, and when it looks good, we are heading out or already in place.

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CME hit, so far nothing grand

The CME finally hit, but so far a little weaker than expected. Fluctuating Kp levels, 2, 3, 4. North Bz.

A lot of media hype with this storm, resulting in me answering some questions and disappointing a few folks. Lots of people (hundreds texting me) from the big cities in Oregon expecting to see lights right from their homes. Not going to happen. You must get away, far away, from the city. Go to the coast, or far east into the countryside. And that’s only if the Kp level rises to Kp 6 or higher (G2 or higher storm).

“What time?” is the number one question. The answer is anytime it’s dark. The more specific answer is when the IMF is in alignment. Another good answer is anytime in the middle of the night because that’s when the aurora oval is solidly over that section of the earth.

What’s going to happen tonight? We could see auroras as far south as….whatever the Kp level rises to. At the G3 Watch level it’s at now, we could still see Kp 7. It could be an all nighter, or it could be a bust. Kp 7 may produce auroras far south into OR, but still not in the cities. You need a dark sky.

Alaska, be ready. Canada, yes.

Auroras due Dec 30

Auroras are forecast for December 30 & 31. The forecast has been upgraded to G3, Kp 7 likely, sometime Dec 30, with G1 (Kp 5) storm watch still in effect for Dec 31. 2 nights in a row of possibly fantastic auroras. The incoming coronal mass ejection (CME) was said to be a direct hit toward earth. It may arrive during our daytime in the USA, but should continue into the night. We’ll post when the CME hits, then you’ll have a short notice to get out there and catch the lights.

Who had a chance of seeing this event? If the auroras arrive as forecast, then the following should be able to see lights:

All of Alaska, all of Canada, USA northern states such as ME, MA, NH, VT, NY, PA, OH, IN, IL, WI, MI, MN, ND, SD, IA, NE, MT, WY, CO, ID, WA. Maybe OR, UT, and other similar latitude states. All of Tasmania, Southern Australia, New Zealand south island. Northern Europe including Scotland, Ireland, northern England, Estonia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland.

It doesn’t matter what the news tells you, you can’t see the aurora from a city that has light pollution. Seattle, New York City, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma City…It isn’t going to happen. You MUST get away from city lights. You can’t open your city house door and look up. You MUST get away to a dark area and look north. Up north, such as Fairbanks and Whitehorse, yes you can see the lights looking up and thru your back door. But you’ll see them even better if you had no city lights around you.

No time frame is ever known. Only guesses can be made. Watching and waiting is part of aurora hunting.

Merry Christmas from ABN

Enjoy this compilation video on this Christmas, and have a great New Year!
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