Auroras due Dec 30

Auroras are forecast for December 30 & 31. The forecast has been upgraded to G3, Kp 7 likely, sometime Dec 30, with G1 (Kp 5) storm watch still in effect for Dec 31. 2 nights in a row of possibly fantastic auroras. The incoming coronal mass ejection (CME) was said to be a direct hit toward earth. It may arrive during our daytime in the USA, but should continue into the night. We’ll post when the CME hits, then you’ll have a short notice to get out there and catch the lights.

Who had a chance of seeing this event? If the auroras arrive as forecast, then the following should be able to see lights:

All of Alaska, all of Canada, USA northern states such as ME, MA, NH, VT, NY, PA, OH, IN, IL, WI, MI, MN, ND, SD, IA, NE, MT, WY, CO, ID, WA. Maybe OR, UT, and other similar latitude states. All of Tasmania, Southern Australia, New Zealand south island. Northern Europe including Scotland, Ireland, northern England, Estonia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland.

It doesn’t matter what the news tells you, you can’t see the aurora from a city that has light pollution. Seattle, New York City, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma City…It isn’t going to happen. You MUST get away from city lights. You can’t open your city house door and look up. You MUST get away to a dark area and look north. Up north, such as Fairbanks and Whitehorse, yes you can see the lights looking up and thru your back door. But you’ll see them even better if you had no city lights around you.

No time frame is ever known. Only guesses can be made. Watching and waiting is part of aurora hunting.


  1. The Nothern Lights are beautiful here in Northern ALberta right now. They started intensifying at about 5 am and are covering more than half the sky. They are rippling so quickly, especially when you are looking straight up. It reminds me of the flickering of candlelight. Intense greens and pinks in spite of the half moon shining quite brightly. I am located six miles from High Prairie out in the country,

  2. Not seeing anything here in Wyoming (Riverton). There is a really high cloud base around the Wind River Mountains. It’s about 10:20PM MST and have been watching for quite a few hours. Cold, but not clear here at about 5500 feet.

  3. We are in Sequim WA. What time would be the best time to see the Northern Lights on the 30th? Thank you

    1. I’m in the city of Chicago with way too much light pollution & overcast. 🙁 How those in rural areas in IL get to see the lights.

    1. greg,

      do you know of a good place to view? I’m from sj but we plan on driving as far north as we can and i found dopler reports for places without cloud cover…i just moved here and have no clue where there would be a lack of light pollution further north.

  4. Right, do we think Oregon will get a display? If so, where should be the best best to observe? I plan to drive out of town with my camera and tripod but
    Not sure where to go. I’m in the mid valley.

    1. For OR, according to the, you should be able to observe at the Vista House at Crown Point alongside the Columbia river

  5. Where can we get times for each state? I am in Minnesota and want to know what time tonight and tomorrow! Thanks for the info!

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