More auroras tonight. Kp 4 or 5

More coronal hole high speed stream auroras tonight, with the possibility of Kp 4 or 5. The Kp as of this post at 415pm Alaska time is Kp 4. Entire state of Alaska, all of Canada, and possibly the upper portion of the contiguous USA be ready for lights. Watch the posts on Facebook for instant “as seen with our own eyes” reports!


Book your aurora tour soon before the dates you want fill up!!! Serving Fairbanks, Alaska area.

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Aurora Soap

Happy Sunday! and the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, Dec 6. Today, we are giving away 6 bars of aurora inspired soap. Green and blue swirls twisting around with a blackberry musk scent. Reindeer tallow makes this truly an Alaskan Christmas gift. Fresh, fruity, and gorgeous, these soaps are sure to put a smile on the person waiting to use it! Soaps are made by Boreal Winds, of Salcha, Alaska. In Fairbanks, you can find Boreal Winds soaps and other personal products at the Tanana Valley Farmers Market in the summertime, at various holiday bazaars throughout the year, Fairbanks International Airport Gift Shop (Twigs), Cold Spot Feed, and Alaska Feed, in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Full ingredients list: Saponified oils of reindeer tallow, lard, coconut, olive, castor, coconut milk, shea butter, fragrance, and mica for color.

3 winners will receive 2 bars of soap each. Any local Fairbanks winners must pick up their prize locally at the Tanana Valley Farmers Market Holiday Bazaar located at the Carlson Center, Sat Dec 12. If you are not local to the Fairbanks area and you win, your prize will be mailed. Comment about Boreal Winds products, green and blue swirls, or blackberry musk to enter this giveaway! Being clever is not everyone’s strong suit, and that is ok. Every comment is considered!


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