12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Aurora Soap

Happy Sunday! and the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, Dec 6. Today, we are giving away 6 bars of aurora inspired soap. Green and blue swirls twisting around with a blackberry musk scent. Reindeer tallow makes this truly an Alaskan Christmas gift. Fresh, fruity, and gorgeous, these soaps are sure to put a smile on the person waiting to use it! Soaps are made by Boreal Winds, of Salcha, Alaska. In Fairbanks, you can find Boreal Winds soaps and other personal products at the Tanana Valley Farmers Market in the summertime, at various holiday bazaars throughout the year, Fairbanks International Airport Gift Shop (Twigs), Cold Spot Feed, and Alaska Feed, in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Full ingredients list: Saponified oils of reindeer tallow, lard, coconut, olive, castor, coconut milk, shea butter, fragrance, and mica for color.

3 winners will receive 2 bars of soap each. Any local Fairbanks winners must pick up their prize locally at the Tanana Valley Farmers Market Holiday Bazaar located at the Carlson Center, Sat Dec 12. If you are not local to the Fairbanks area and you win, your prize will be mailed. Comment about Boreal Winds products, green and blue swirls, or blackberry musk to enter this giveaway! Being clever is not everyone’s strong suit, and that is ok. Every comment is considered!



  1. Living down in Homer makes it awfully hard to see the lovely lights sometimes – cloud cover is so intense! But if I could just win that soap — why, I’d have a really REALLY nice substitute! How do I enter to win? Or, am I already entered by being on this list?

  2. Had cloudcover yesterday so could not see the beautiful aurora but as I was hand outstretched feeding the chickadees on the nature trail in Saskatchewan the sky changed colour as if….mauves, purples, a hint of pink… lovely soul peace with Nature’s Children~~~ Thankyou for this beautiful sharing site!

  3. These are lovely soaps! Love the aurora colors are they all blackberry musk as it sounds really fragrant? Your display is really nicely laid out. What i like the most is your ingredients (I use olive oil and goat milk as I don’t have reindeer milk down here, lol) and was most intrigued by the reindeer milk and more so in your scrub, the powdered honey, so just looked it up and found some at my favorite spice shop, Nice products!

  4. Blackberry musk, blue and green swirls, boreal winds and reindeer tallow…mix it all together and what do you get? NORTHERN LIGHTS! In a soap that is! How wonderful to be able to smell like what the lights look like… The colors will come to life on my skin as I shower away the stress of the day! I hope I win so I can actually experience this! 🙂

  5. What a super cool idea, to use Reindeer milk, then color them like an Aurora. cannot think of a better way to get clean down here, while dreaming of an aurora up there. might be happier to take my bath with these soaps, its boring with regular home grown southern soaps 🙂

  6. What a unique Alaskan gift! Soap crafted from Reindeer tallow with an Aurora theme.

  7. Green and blue swirls that remind us of the aurora, one of a kind soap made from reindeer milk with blackberry musk scent — awesome! Would love to have some.

  8. Using natural things, reindeer tallow, berries etc. is a nice way to show the beauty of the Alaska aurora’s. Aurora soaps would be nice in our lower 48 bathroom.

  9. How unique to win soap made from reindeer tallow and scented so beautifully. The colors of the bars are also aurora inspired. Someone sure is talented to come up with soap with the borealis flair. Thank you for donating.

  10. I’ve heard a lot about these soaps, never lucky enough to have tried any … hoping that might change !!
    Thanks for all you do for the Northern Lights addicts 🙂

  11. i love your products. i am a seasonal worker and i bring home the soaps for folks in florida for christmas.the patcholli is my absolute fave

  12. Beautiful; these would serve as WONDERFUL presents to send to the (not so lucky) friends/family that don’t live here/get to see these patterns in the night sky! Regardless of winning or not, I’m so happy to be exposed to all of the Aurora inspired creations available 🙂 So, thank you!

  13. I’m hooked.. Received the soaps as a Christmas gift while living in New York. They accompanied as I began “anew” in Paris (still never learned the French word for ‘reindeer’).. and, as a painter, they always reminded me of an art somewhere between Monet and Munch, probably also inspired my own to a degree.
    For some reason, I am now an Alaska resident.. mesmerized by the sky.. (and smelling pretty)!

  14. The photo of your Blackberry Musk soap really does remind me of an aurora – and living in Nebraska, that is a rare and very fond memory, as I have to travel a long distance to see Northern Lights! I looked at other photos on your Facebook page and found many other beautiful photos of beautiful soap (patchouli blend well with sweet ripe raspberries – wow!) You are a soap artist! I wish I was closer, as I’m sure the scents are wonderful, too.

  15. I love buying the soaps when I am in Alaska. They have all been great and these scents sound beautiful

  16. I bet this scent is amazing! And it’s beautiful, too. I don’t know if I would ever use it. It’s too pretty!

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