Kp 5, northern Europe seeing lights

Northern Europe is seeing fabulous lights tonight. Northern Scotland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and if Ireland was clear they would see lights as well.

The G1 storm appears to have arrived early! Canada, Alaska, and the northern tier of the USA should expect lights tonight if the trend continues. What states? The states who usually can see lights at Kp 5. This is only the most northern states, such as northern ME, northern NY, northern VT, northern NH, WI, MN, ND, ID, MI, MT, WA. If the Kp level rises, then more areas may see the lights.

For contiguous USA, where do I go, where do I look? Always start off by looking north, with a clear view to the horizon. Go where it is dark and where you can see stars—a lot of stars!

For Alaskans, start by looking up, then north if you do not see anything, and finally south, if the Kp level is high, and you still don’t see anything. If people are saying it is out, and you do not see anything, you may have light pollution (streetlights, car lights) or your eyes may not be adjusted. Sit in the dark for a couple minutes, then look again. Do not be tempted to look into your bright phone!

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