Aurora Forecast for Monday night

The aurora forecast for tonight, Monday Dec 21/22 is quiet to active. The big storm is over, and we enjoyed 2 nights in a row of great auroras. And early in the evening too! Quiet to active means that the Kp level could fluctuate between 0 and 4. If it is clear where you are in Alaska, you may be able to catch the aurora tonight, but big displays are not expected. Also mid to northern Canada, and if the Kp level does reach 4, then southern Canada as well.

Tues and Wed night the aurora is expected to be quiet. The forecast can change daily though, so be ready for the next show. Charge your cameras, and prepare your winter gear….they say the temperatures will plummet for interior Alaska, with temps falling to -30F. Enjoy!

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Photos from last night Dec 20/21 2015

Please enjoy these photos from Dec 20, 2015. All taken before midnight in the Salcha, Alaska area.

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